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are telling us that this started with an 911 call from the suspect's mother. police identified the suspect as 21-year-old andre mccoy. it began at the 4700 block of lakeland road. the mother made the call to police saying she believed her son was high on pcp acting erratically. the suspect walked out with his mother with a gun in his hand. that is when the they say he noticed police. at that point, he fled at area and made his way to the corridor in college park. police tell us it was an involved seen at several different locations. they tell us that they tried to apprehend him several times deploying their weapons, even using a taser not once but twice, but at he was able to avoid that and continue on the move. it was more than five minutes they were trying to apprehend a suspect. he tried to get into not one but two police cruisers. he was finally able to get inside one of them and sped off. >> finally, he was able to put it into drive. he crashes into a brick wall about two and half, three feet high in front of the mcdonald's on route one bit that is 18 to 10 police officers were able t
by to train your dragon live spectacular." the u.s. government facing a over the decision to kill a u.s. citizen deemed to be terrorist. >> we have some possible minister andense killeder officials were in a suicide bombing. defense minister and two other officials were killed. brother in law was killed. the families of three u.s. killed in drawn strikes yemen have filed a wrongful lawsuit today with the american civil liberties union. top cia and u.s. military are violating their constitutional rights, they say. of government says that one killed have direct ties to terrorism. imagine your sitting in front computer plane some games when armed men burst in. keep an eye on the right side of your screen. you can see two men trying to rob an internet cafe. the 71-year-old pulls out his own gun and starts shooting. he chases them out the door. old were caught- a short time later. williams will not face any charges as they have carry permits. .> wow he really knows what to do with it. know, do you?r it is hot outside right now. the temperature is rebounding quickly. the storms are blossoming
in u.s. history now officially faces criminal charges. james holmes a appearing in the colorado group for the second time. this time to be formally charged for the july 20 attack the killed 12 people and injured 58 more. this video from last time around because no cameras were allowed in the courtroom today so we turn now to brandi hitt with the very latest. >> no cameras allowed in the courtroom, but we do know the hearing is underway. one is over, many legal experts believe james holmes will likely face hundreds of charges. >> filing charges this monday july 30. >> 24-year-old james holmes is formally hearing the charges against him and said a caller to a group of 10 days after the movie theater -- massacre in which 12 people were killed and 58 others with it, holmes changes -- faces charges of first-degree murder. >> if convicted of one count of first-degree murder, the punishment will be either the death penalty or life of the possibility of parole. >> the stepmother says -- ashley's stepmother will be in the court reporter she not only lost her 6-year-old stepdaughter in the shoo
used to using the easy pass transponder, but this technology, easy pass select. toll roads, switch it over anyonede, so that more will people or a toll, they will be able to ride for free. when does this go into effect? it has been a work in progress a long time and today have it completed the end of the year, before december if possible. of this select program, use it towant to replace the existing system that your car.n used in hov lanes around town. it will work on 495 and on dulles toll road, and all other ec pass facilities. whether it has switched to hov regular, this will simply you as easy pass ead transponder. out andu are heading if you want tout use those express lanes, they give you theto cost, real time, if you hov portion. the will replace the one that you traveling inre those lanes. tot about people that tried skirt the system? havesay they will additional police out there watching and looking to make that what they see hov or toll mode, matches the number of people inside of your car. check our web site for more wjla.com.n, let's head to maryland, a prince george's
challenge in our satellite center. she joins us with the latest. >> in a matter of minutes house leaders are expected to speak out on this issue telling stories of americans who have been impacted by the benefits of this reform. republicans continue to try to repeal the law. they call it bad policy. >> two weeks after the ruling on health care reform, the hot- button issue is once again up for debate on capitol hill. >> we are resolved to have this law go away. we will do everything we can to stop the. >> the house is planning another vote to repeal obamacare. this attempt is likely to go nowhere. opponents say it is the government intrusion on health decisions. reporters complain republicans have yet to offer a real alternative to the health care reform measure. >> this is nothing short of economic malpractice. >> the republicans are more interested in protecting insurance companies' trysts. the truth is only insurance companies gain from repeal. >> this will likely ignite a debate over the issue frs. and there was online advertisements attacking republicans opposed to the law. >> congr
made a call to 7 on your side perr. john gonzales joins us from clermont, and they say it involved a dispute between dominion power and the county? >> what a difference a day makes. yesterday at this time the streets have not been touched and now we are here along with everyone else -- the county is here the power company and each brought their own tree removal company. residents say they don't care who fixes it. they just want it fixed. just hours after 7 on your side god and all the power company sent a tree removal crew we just hours before the county did. >> i have not slept in six days. >> for six days, the residents of this arlington neighborhood have been suffering in this oppressive heat without power after the st. ripped up power lines. >> working as hard as we can to make better. i unclad we are starting to see improvement. >> in limbo such like the pieces of utility poles in mid- air, residents have been in a waiting game. >> the county says they cannot move until june it -- dominion disposition -- you kidding me? >> dominion power responsible for the lines and the count
olabanji joins us from county polices headquarters. far?have you learned so >> information is still coming in. for anstill waiting who this mann of arrested was. police say that he's a white and he lives in crofton, maryland, in an apartment in anne arundel county. last night, police sources tell suspect called a former co-worker and was making company thatst the worked for, that we have bowes. is pitney that is a manufacturing company offices all over the nation. lanham,have a center in maryland. collectedrces numerous firearms from that crofton. complex in the suspect had a federal gun collecting permit. outce are trying to figure not all of the firearms found were legal or illegal. also learned that the was facing termination company pitney bowes. also included in some of the threats, he referenced the joker, a from the batman movies. several maryland state charges. us they dolls man was ready to act threat.s the store does county police are leading the investigation. news conference at t an hour from now here headquarters in palmer park. they will be joined by officers from anne arunde
>> one man's two cars caught fire. the homeowner tells us he made pep co inspector where of this yesterday. >> bob macdonald says that an 11 person has died following friday night's storm. >> this comes as more than 200,000 people still wait for their power to be turned back on. the latest figures show close to a quarter of 1 million people are still in the dark at this hour. that is down from well over 1 million when the storm hit. it looks like it will be this weekend before the lights are back on for everyone. >> the power outage is in its fourth day now. and a lot of people don't have a stove to cook with. that prompted a massive food distribution in the district. >> traffic signals are still out. there are still in number of streets there impassible. the families of lost hundreds and hundreds of dollars in spoiled food. this afternoon, the mayor opened up this recreation center to provide not only cooling facility for families, but food as well. for days and in and many traffic signals are still dark. >> what i cannot understand is after last year's snow and all the
, the armored vehicle approached the front door of the home. the neighbor tells us that he heard what he describes as crackling sounds. he believes it may have been gunfire. officers charged into the home. they found the mother and father and the 2-year-old boy seized. they did find the 12-year-old boy. not everyone has been informed within the family, so names are being withheld. neighbors say their work financial problems in this home. the home was in the early stages of foreclosure. we will have more details later. back to you. >> thanks. also come up mistakes -- also, mistakes being blamed for the evacuation in norway. someone spotted a suspicious package under her car. it turns out the package was a fake explosive device that was supposed to be used for an internal drill at the embassy. the morning commute took a big hit today when a tractor-trailer overturned. here is the interloper. this started around 8:30 this morning. amazingly, there were only minor injuries. 3 lins still shut down at noon time. -- three lanes still shut down at noon time. more problems for commuters. this tim
a month.r in the past john gonzalez joins us from d.c. with more. steve, the damage is throughout the city. d.c., downed was trees and power lines is the problem. al-nour island avenue, we walked of homes andber businesses that have been flooded for a second time in eight days. rhode island ave. business owners and homeowners faced hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage again. roughly a thousand homes lost throughout the d.c. metro region. this time of the damage is unusual. >> numerous trees came down on was aa weeks ago and it morning.enario this >> it has been really hard, very crazy. down on the street. you just make the best of it. >> while pepco worked through night to restore power, flooding is once again a problem island ave. been hit for a second .ime in just over a week >> it shoots up like a geyser. >> the last time he spent the day cleaning and drying his , this time he's ripping out after more storm water .nd sewer water >> we had a meeting the monday the first blood and they really offered no good solutions. was injured during storm, but residents last one this summer. st
forecast. travel -- highs well in the 90's for most of the eastern seaboard of the u.s. more on those potential storms coming right up. >> jimmy is that redskins part. >> it is pretty hot out here and the temperature continues to rise but that is not stopping the redskins from taking part of their first official day of summer training camp. all the guys were here bright and early. luckily for this morning they ticket inside to their brand new white practice tent for what was a short morning practice. but that did not stop them from going through several drills. we saw robert griffin iii taking a few snack center when the ball. we got the chance to talk with one of the redskins newest players, a d.c. native, about what he hopes for training skicamp. >> we have a great group of guys. we have great coaches. i am looking forward to the season. >> the team will have a short break for lunch this afternoon before their afternoon practice, which will take place outside under the sun on the practice field. the public is allowed out here for the afternoon practice. the gates will open at 1:00 p
us they still feel uneasy, especially since going to the movies is supposed to be a way to escape reality. >> this is a movie to escape what is going on in your daily life. it is absolutely shocking. >> the violence is supposed to be in the movie not in real life. it is a scary reality. >> patrons tell us they wonder if more security could have prevented this from happening while police in colorado continue to investigate the circumstances around the massacre. d.c. police tell us they will be paying close attention to all theaters throughout the weekend. in fact, d.c. police are holding a news conference at 12:30 p.m. to discuss the shooting and what they plan to do this weekend. montgomery county officers say they also plan to have more patrol cars around movie theaters this weekend. there was a movie premiere scheduled for this new batman movie in paris today but that has been cancelled. >> warner bros. has released a statement saying they are deeply saddened to learn about this shocking incident. we extend our sincere sympathies to the families and loved ones of this tragedy. t
benefit from sprinklers. >> seems like it gets worse every summer. >> people are using umbrellas and drinking cold drinks. >> it's refreshing. >> i don't like hats but they do help with the heapet. >> she says wearing all black is tough. >> its miserable. >> some have the air conditioners cranked up so high, but they are looking to get warm. >> it's quite cold inside the office. the hot coffee keeps me warm. >> at the circle, people are using the benches under the trees to find some shade. aaa sending out an advisory warning drivers to keep a close eye on their cars. they take a beating on days like this. it's tough on people and for the cars. trash pickup in the district is changing. the pickup today was at 6:00 a.m. and it will be the same tomorrow for residents. john gonzalez reporting. >> we are following breaking news from waldorf, maryland. the charles county sheriff's office says a son shot his mother and father and then turned the gun on himself. brad bell joins us from the scene on seagrape court with what we know so far. >> this ended when police thought they had a barr
has been on the scene all morning. she joins us now live with the latest. those images are incredible. >> what a morning it has been. the firefighters remain on the scene at this hour. we are learning from officials that the cause of the fire was electrical. perhaps beginning in an outlet. a very scary morning. it climbed so quickly up the complex that nearly 20 people had to be rescued. >> i looked at the window. all i saw was claims. >> a frightening friday morning as fire ripped through the building. >> it got big. it started shooting out of the roof. >> officials say the blaze began around 7:30 a.m. if quickly climbed from the bottom. >> there was smoke coming in. >> this woman and her pregnant daughter were stranded on the balcony. >> there was fire and smoke and glass breaking everywhere. >> as firefighters work to get them down, this man stepped in to help. >> the firemen cut the balcony part in pieces. i kind of helped them come down the ladder. to make sure they were ok. >> more than 70 people are displaced after what many are calling a scary situation. >>in terms of assisti
al qaeda is resurging slowly in iraq because of a weak government and the departure of u.s. troops. a civilian employee now being charged with setting fire to a a nuclear submarine. the navy has charged him with setting it afire is on board the u.s.s. maine. one of them at the end of the may and another in june. the ship was in dry dock in maine to be overhauled. fury was working on board as a painter and sandblasting. no word on a motive. least 13 people dead and tadmor heard after iraq in southern texas. the texas highway patrol said all 23 people were crammed into the bed of the cab of one pickup truck when it veered off the highway and crashed into some trees. border patrol agents are helping in the investigation. it's not clear if those in the truck were illegal immigrants. officials are not sure what started the accident. search is underway for a missing man in oxon hill. a silver alert has been issued for 73-year-old leander cooper, last seen dropping his wife off yesterday morning and washington hospital center in northwest d.c. he suffers from dementia and high blood press
that he is historic. add in the mild winter, these last 12 months of the warmest ever on record in the u.s. >> it just feels something different. what the consequences of this kind of warm are on sad display in milwaukee. >> migraines are struggling. we lost them early in this season. -- my greens are struggling. >> the lack of rain and abundance of sun means growing season has been stunted. nothing has been hurt harder than corn. it 30% are in poor or very poor condition. gary, beef chicken, they all come from animals that are fed by corn. last week, more than 2500 records crumbled. >> just outside of kansas city, 113-115 range rivallinging saudi arabia. >> and summer is not even three weeks old. >> 1988, it was considered a disaster. we could see another heat wave before this summer is over. scott goldbert, abc news. >> there is reason for us to believe that we're getting some rain this week. >> a little bit of damage here and there. at least we got some rain out of it. >> exactly. normally we have this phenomenon which is a high-pressure system over the ocean that dominates our summer w
that buckled under the heat, crews worked overnight to repair the road. and we have seen people using umbrellas to shield themselves from the sun. now you might need one to keep you dry. i think a lot of people have prayed for rain for these cooler temperatures. >> the ground is getting a little crunchy outside the area ones are a mixture of crack -- brown and green. right now not much in terms of rain. a little shower just south of denton, md.. even in shenandoah county, along interstate 81, just a few sprinkles. temperature-wide, in the district, 77. at leesburg for a change, it is noon and we are not talking about 90 degrees. 85-90 and partial sunshine. the vast majority of clear skies will be run along the mason- dixon line. chicago is back into the 80's today. jackson in and 90's and denver, 75. >> we are appreciating a break from those temperatures. these pictures are just coming into our newsroom. these are live pictures from news choppers seven flying above fredericksburg, virginia. you can see the damage caused by the powerful storm and is bird's-eye view. we will continue to survey th
metro trains were shut down after a computer glitch. then on sunday operators had to use radios to communicate after a second computer glitch. today the dupont circle metro station was closed. >> this just happened. >> disorder and disarray at the dupont circle station. >> smells like burning rubber. >> the station forced to close for an hour during rush hour after a train stalled due to brake problems. >> i was thinking the brakes overheated. >> commuters were escorted off the platform and into more confusion once at street level. >> the first train stop because one of the doors were not close. the second train then. >> this comes after a problem than left metro technicians baffled and the weekend. a computer glitch from the operations control center forced all trains to haul twice during a 12-hour span. operators were not able to monitor trains. >> whatever takes to get this fixed. >> i paid money to get on and they have put me off. >> some passengers were weary. >> you have to walk to get where you have to go. no shuttle buses. nothing. as hot as it is. >> this afternoon metr
of the busy connecticut avenue. we saw cars using the northbound lane to go southbound. >> that is inconsiderate. people are ignoring the stop signs. >> even though power lines and trees are still on the sidewalk we are minutes away from the southbound lanes reopening. connecticut avenue southbound in kensington. even though the road will reopen, this is the last of the road closures, but the power will still be out there least a couple more days here. john gonzalez reporting from kensington. >> the dark streets may be partly to blame for a crashed and killed a pedestrian last night in arlington? around 9:30. a driver hit a man who was crossing the street at columbia pike and four mile run drive. the man was killed. the driver did not stop for the traffic light. no charges have yet been filed. investigation is ongoing. that is a good reminder of what you are supposed to do at an intersection when the lights are out. you are supposed to treat it like a four-way stop. we set up cameras and caught plenty of drivers blowing right through the lights, like this one. stopping
cameras. his chief of staff told us off- camera the mayor is not commenting. >> in just about an hour, mayor gray is scheduled to update the district's emergency 911 system. the bureau chief in washington will be there to ask about the growing allegations as well as more calls for his resignation. a new report is blaming penn state for not stopping gerry sandusky sooner. the skating 267 page report released this morning accuses joe paterno the university president, the vice president and the athletic director of a cover-up. we're now in a satellite center with details. >> this comes after an independent investigation that was designed to find out what happened and who knew about it. according to this report out just hours ago officials at penn state had total disregard for safety. >> the most powerful men at penn state failed to take any steps for 14 years to protect the children who sandusky victimized. >> that is the finding from a new report out today, following an eight-month investigation into the gerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. the 267-page report includes senior university of
to be. and gina girshon will be here. she has agreed to play a game with us. >> so shocked that she is one of your personal favorites. >> i really appreciate her body of work. >> i'm sure, and then some. we will see you in about 90 minutes. several weeks of work all coming together in virginia as today is the bigger deal for a local veterans living in the plains. volunteers are rebuilding together a home up captain patrick heran and his wife. he was wounded while fighting in iraq in 2007. they have installed an elevator in his home and made the master bathroom easily accessible. still ahead, we will check in with that and once again and see how the storms are as they move into the d.c. if you've been successful, you didn't get there on your own. if you've got a business you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. my father's hands didn't build this company. my hands didn't build this company. through hard work and a little bit of luck, we built this busineness. why are you demonizing us for it? it's time we had somebody who believes in us. someone who belie
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